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A Bowl of porridge

– Problem identified:

In 2013 we conducted a baseline survey in Umguza District and discovered that constant severe drought conditions caused food crisis in the community thus many households could not afford decent meals.

As a result of food shortages, the majority of primary school children were travelling long distances to school after having little or no breakfast. This led to some pupils missing school, attending classes on empty stomachs or being forced to dismiss early from school as hunger affected their concentration.

– Solution

In a bid to ease hunger while increasing nutrition levels among the pupils, we came up with a project called “A Bowl of Porridge” providing approximately 20000 cups of porridge per school term.

Maraposa Primary school is one of the schools benefiting from the support provided to curb hunger among rural pupils. The project provides a free daily breakfast meal to all enrolled pupils at the school. We supply our partner school with foodstuffs to serve a daily term-time breakfast meal to each and every pupil. The breakfast meal is a basic but nutritious meal made up of maize mealie-meal, sugar, salt and peanut butter, however, for many of these children, it is often their only guaranteed meal for the day.

Since the inception of A Bowl of Porridge in 2014, we have been able to make a difference in so many lives as teachers have confirmed 100% attendance, improved concentration and energy levels. We are also working on replicating the same feeding project to our Pambano Cluster schools as the pupils are facing the same challenge


School fees sponsorship

This is a project where our partners sponsor children to keep them in school, securing a substantial education. The school fees program caters for academically gifted, orphaned and vulnerable pupils and those coming from unemployed households. Many households are unemployed and cannot afford to keep their children in school resulting in students being sent away for non- payment of school fees. Most of the government schools available to these children have large class sizes, limited resources and few teachers. These harsh realities cannot be taken for granted and by sponsoring a child through Inspire WMC, together we can make these dreams a reality for Umguza children.

The money we receive from child sponsorship is used to improve the educational opportunities of vulnerable pupils in the UMguza community. We understand education has a direct impact on life expectancy and overall health. It is a powerful agent of change that can emancipate generations out of poverty.


Poultry keeping and Nutritional Gardens

Inspire Women Men and Children has also established poultry farming and nutritional gardens projects within several schools in Umguza District. This project is aimed at raising funds to support vulnerable and orphaned pupils towards the payment of their school fees.


Borehole Drilling

As a district, Umguza lacks clean or purified drinking water. The ‘Drill a borehole’ project has seen the installation of a borehole in Maraposa Primary School providing clean and safe drinking water to hundreds of pupils.  We are now working raising funding for Semukelani Primary School borehole and community boreholes which increasing access to safe and clean water for drinking.


Women Empowering Programme – Umguza Skills Training

Life for rural women isn’t easy. Women don’t have the same rights as men and often have to juggle domestic duties and agricultural work – sowing, weeding and harvesting crops, but also making food for their families and collecting firewood and water.

Our projects support women to achieve long-term financial sustainability through skills training on poverty alleviation initiatives including farming projects and vocational skills training initiatives.

Since 2016, we have been providing training and sewing machines for Women in UMguza, with the aim to improve their livelihoods. Sewing classes provide a positive social outlet for participants. Women are empowered to learn a new trade, their self-esteem is boosted, and given an opportunity to improve their income and livelihoods.


Sports for All

Inspire WMC uses sport to engage and empower young people to play a greater part in their community. Footballs, netball balls and sports kits have been donated to schools in Umguza. We also partnered with Tag Rugby Zimbabwe – and established a Umguza Tag Rugby league.

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