Pelandaba Inspire Women Men and Children Skills Centre

Inspire Women, Men and Children provides training in valuable vocational skills enabling beneficiaries to find employment or start their own small business. Training in Baking, Cooking, Dressmaking, Intro to Computers, Graphic Design, Beading and Handbags, Afrocentric Accessories and Shoes, Intro to Business and Financial literacy skills can open up a world of opportunities for the individuals involved.


Our Centre teaches young people skills that develop and empower them. We also encourage use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to expand access to health, education and economic opportunities and to create fully developed members of society.


All this is achieved through collaborations and partnerships with stakeholders from different sectors and groups including government, civil society and community leaders, together promoting innovation and bringing sustainable change to society. Our programmes cover many areas including education, ICT for development, health, WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene), small business development, SHRH and other ways of improving livelihoods.

Zimbabwe (Bulawayo) – Donate and make a difference

Sponsor a girl or woman with £20.00 per course.

#Join our ‘Equip/Empower a vulnerable girl or woman with a skill campaign’