COVID19 Response

COVID 19 has provided challenges for all countries in the world. Even the most developed countries have been finding it hard to cope. Our teams have been doing their best to ensure that our programmes move forward despite lockdown restrictions.

We have been raising awareness and encouraging our beneficiaries to adhere to lockdown protocols and help fight the spread of the virus.


COVID 19 Response in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a developing country that is already dealing with issues of poverty and economic depression. COVID 19 has worsened people’s lives and our teams have been on the ground carrying out the following activities:

  • Informing and educating communities on COVID 19 to create well informed citizens;
  • Installing hand washing points at 50 locations including water points in schools. These comprise a bucket with a lid and a tap and stand for the buckets, hand soap and large plastic water storage tanks;
  • Distributing hand sanitizers, masks and Personal Protective Equipment to health staff and soap to the communities we work with;
  • Providing food parcels to vulnerable families; and
  • Providing logistical support to awareness campaigns


Help us respond to this global pandemic.

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COVID 19 Response in the UK

The COVID 19 pandemic has provided communities with opportunities to unite and work together. In Newham, East London, Inspire Women, Men and Children has assisted the local community by providing support to those in need. For those who are not sure of where they can get help, we have made sure to direct them to the best support places.

Our team members have delivered food and household essential parcels since the beginning of lockdown, providing food and other essential supplies to those in need.



Breaking Barriers of Loneliness

COVID 19 lockdowns have made people lonelier than ever. At Inspire Women, Men and Children we have been bringing together women from different parts of the world through our online Afrocentric Craft making, sewing, baking and cooking lessons. Women have been impacted with different skills which they can use to improve their lives. We are grateful to our different partners who have helped us walk an emotional journey with different women. Loneliness is a silent killer and we are breaking the barriers of loneliness through different workshops targeted at different people across the world.

Please donate to our COVID 19 Emergency Appeal

Help us respond to this global pandemic.

Please donate to our COVID 19 Emergency Appeal