Inspire UK

Inspire Women Men and Children was set up to work with BAME communities as well as migrants and refugees by providing targeted, culturally sensitive and holistic support services to meet their needs.

Our mission is to support Bame Communities as well as refugees and migrants to improve their quality of life by helping them to overcome prejudice, isolation and help with assimilating into society. Our objective is to raise awareness on Bame cultures, heritage and current situation of refugees and migrants in the UK through cultural and informative events and publications.

Services offered in the UK include:

  • Increasing Awareness for the wider community
  • Offering advice service for refugees and asylum seekers in London and Essex
  • We provide advice, advocacy and one-to-one support to clients with a range of issues including Housing, Loneliness, Migration Matters, Mental Health Awareness, cultural conflict issues, parenting, domestic violence, or any wellbeing need
  • Homework Clubs – Supporting Primary School children with supplementary education.

Inspire UK - Make A Donation! Help us make Change!

We are proud to confirm that 100% donations are used for projects/programmes. ESTIMATED MONTHLY COST PER PROJECT IS £20.00.

Inspire Volunteers

We work with disadvantaged women of Diaspora to advise and raise awareness on welfare issues, benefits, housing, domestic violence, immigration issues and signpost them to services that will help them address inequalities. We recruit volunteers from all walks of lives for Zimbabwe and UK.